Faith International English Classes

FIEC Vision: Faith International English Classes (FIEC) is a Christ-centered, loving community that develops students’ English language skills, helping them to better participate in the society of the United States.

FIEC Mission: Our mission is to provide quality student-centered and culturally responsive English instruction that engages non-English speaking students intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. Towards that purpose, FIEC will:

  • provide teaching and learning that are relevant to student needs based on ESL best practices;
  • model and communicate the love of Christ through culturally responsive teaching;
  • promote cross cultural and religious understanding;
  • be flexible in adapting to changes and trends in ESL education and the community;
  • accept all students regardless of their native language, nationality, religion, social, ethnic, or racial characteristics;
  • be accountable and effectively manage all funds and resources with honesty and integrity;
  • collaborate with other groups in the community to support student and community needs. 

FIEC Motto: To model and communicate the love of Jesus Christ to those who speak other languages through quality English teaching and personal, caring relationships.

Do you want to learn English?

Get help on Tuesday nights from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. We have teaching and practice using a book during the first hour and conversation around a table during the second hour of each class. We have classes for those who know no English, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

Register for classes on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 PM. You will be tested to put you in the correct class level. Plan to pay for your classes and book. You will get a notebook and other materials.

Classes start September 5. Download a class calendar here.

Email Anna to get a reminder by email a week before registration.

Are you interested in working in the FIEC program?

Watch this video to learn more!

Adults can volunteer to work as a FIEC Kids Teacher or a FIEC Kids Helper. Click here to read the job descriptions and get an application. Our curriculum for kids preschool through grade 3 helps them learn English at the same time they learn things like numbers, colors, stories, and songs that are expected background information for children in those age groups. In older classes, teachers and helpers provide homework help and play games with the kids. High school and college students are welcome to become a FIEC Kids Helper and can qualify for pay or can use their experience to count for community service.

Adults can volunteer in the adult education program at whatever level they feel most comfortable. If you have previous teaching experience (in a school or ESL program), consider applying for the Class Teacher position. Any adult, regardless of previous experience, may apply for Conversation Facilitator. If you speak a language other than English, we may be able to use you as a Bilingual Language Supporter throughout the year. Other positions take into account limited availability or lack of preparation time. Click here to read the job descriptions and get an application.

All FIEC Kids staff and FIEC Adult staff will be trained for working registration on Aug. 22 and will be expected to work registration on Aug. 29. Download the calendar to see the schedule for the year.

If you have questions, email Sally.