Connection Classes

Designed to inspire and challenge you, Connection Classes are informal and interactive, ideal for building a stronger faith and new friendships. Classes cover a variety of topics, with new classes starting each quarter.

Faith Church Adult Connection Classes • Spring 2018


Missions at Faith • Nate Snyder and Jerry Risser • Room 254
Why does Faith Church care about declaring the glory of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth? What does missions have to do with me? How might I prepare to serve on a cross-cultural mission trip? These and other questions are our focus as we discuss God's heart for global missions and practical things you need to know to serve well on a trip. We'll also hear stories from the front lines of world missions today.

Corinthian Christians • Nick Carter • 190
First century believers in the pagan city of Corinth had a particular struggle on their hands. How are disciples cultivated in a culture antagonistic to the values and practices of committed Christians? Join us for this exploration of the letters the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, as we discover how to become "Corinthian Christians."


Gospel In Life: Grace Changes Everything • Julie Foster • Room 150
Centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, this class discusses how to live out the gospel in all areas of life. Using DVD lessons by Pastor Tim Keller, we'll examine our present context, discuss how the gospel changes our hearts, our communities, and our world, culminating in a discussion of our ultimate home, the eternal city. Study books are available for a suggested donation of $8. This class will be most helpful if students commit to personal devotional study outside of class time.

Judges • John King • Room 190
The period of Israel's history told in the book of Judges contains some of the most tumultuous and violent episodes in the nation's history. What message does this book have for us today? Join us for a walk through of Judges as we discover the enduring character of God.

Living Today • Jack Rogers and John Fairweather • Room 254
This class meets year-round for Scripture study and mutual care. Join us for in depth study of God's word and a strong community of saints.