Connection Classes

Designed to inspire and challenge you, Connection Classes are informal and interactive, ideal for building a stronger faith and new friendships. Classes cover a variety of topics, with new classes starting each quarter.


Faith Church Adult Connection Classes • Winter 2017


How to Study the Bible: 1st John
Facilitated by Glenn Griffis • Room 148

Digging out the meat of the Word of God can be a daunting task. Through a hands-on study of 1st John you’ll learn the principles of observation, interpretation, application, and correlation. This class will breathe new life into your personal study of Scripture!

The Ten Commandments
Facilitated by Nick Carter and Jacob Hash • Room 210

More than just a Charlton Heston movie, the Ten Commandments have served as a foundation for morality for millennia. This quarter we’ll dig into these commandments and discover their relevance today for our community of faith which is “not under the law, but under grace” (Romans 6:14).

Welcome to Faith: A Membership Class
Facilitated by Tom Macy • Room 150

(Postponed until February) Join Pastor Tom for a four-week discussion of membership at Faith Church. What do we believe in? What’s our history? What’s our vision How can you get involved and get connected? Perfect for those thinking of becoming members at Faith, this class will answer those questions and more! Email Pastor Tom if interested. 


Joshua: A Walk Through Old Testament History
Facilitated by John King • Room 190

The book of Joshua tells the story of the conquest of the Promised Land by the people of Israel. As we begin this study in Old Testament history we’ll discover the continuing relevance of Joshua for the church today.

Living Today: A Study in Angels
Facilitated by Jack Rodgers and John Fairweather • Room 254

This group meets year-round for a detailed study of God’s word and a vibrant prayer time for one another. Join us this quarter as we finish up our study on angelology in Scripture.