Connection Classes

Designed to inspire and challenge you, Connection Classes are informal and interactive, ideal for building a stronger faith and new friendships. Classes cover a variety of topics, with new classes starting each quarter.

Faith Stories • 9 & 10:45 am

Facilitated by Ann Marie Shambaugh & Phil Johnston • Room 190

The Bible is filled with stories of people with great faith who faced difficult situations by depending on God. Each week we’ll spotlight our own Faith family’s stories of struggle, faith, and redemption. Be encouraged as you learn how God meets us in times of need.

Faith Stories Speakers

June 3 • Marc West    Opportunities to Shine God’s Light   

June 10 • John & Liz Crocker    Two Pastoral Perspectives

June 17 • Jerry & Rebecca Risser    Our Timing, God’s Timing

June 24 • Jonathan & Becky Lawrence  Pursued by God

July 1 • Randy & Valerie Beaverson    Jehovah Jireh

July 8 • Nick Carter    Adding Nothing

July 15 • Mark & Miriam Pappas    Traditions Turn to Grace

July 22 • Chuck & Sally Rushmore    Ministry or Mission

July 29 • Lina Lentsch    What is a “Missionary” After All?

Aug. 5 • Brian & Andrea Preston    God’s Providence, Again and Again

Aug. 12 • Larry & Bev Reed    What do you get when you cross a redneck with a survivor?

Aug. 19 • Lisa Meharry    Knowing God, Knowing Others, Finding Me

Aug. 26 • Jacob Hash    Prepared with a Purpose

If you miss a Faith Story, you can listen by clicking here and selecting "Faith Stories" under "Series" in the right-hand box.


Living Today • The Lord’s Day • 10:45 am

Facilitated by Jack Rogers and John Fairweather • Room 254

Living Today will spend the next few quarters asking the question,
“What do you know about the Day of the Lord?”