Connection Classes

Designed to inspire and challenge you, Connection Classes are informal and interactive, ideal for building a stronger faith and new friendships. Classes cover a variety of topics, with new classes starting each quarter.


Faith Stories • 9 & 10:45 am
Facilitated by Betty Lindquist (9 am) & Phil Johnston (10:45) • Room 190
The Bible is filled with stories of people with great faith who faced difficult situations by depending on God. Each week we’ll spotlight our own Faith family’s stories of struggle, faith, and redemption. Be encouraged as you learn how God meets us in times of need.

Faith Stories Speakers
June 4 • David Stowers • A Reluctant Roller Coaster Rider
June 11 • Bob Aram • Serving Refugees from Burma
June 18 • Renee and Mark Foor • Waiting for God’s Open Door
June 25 • Johnny & Scotia McClung • The Orchestra of Change
July 2 • Luann Mitchell • God is Faithful
July 9 • Linda Lambert • Adventures and Trials in Elder Care
July 16 • Frank & Beth Anne West • An Unexpected Journey
July 23 • Ruby Grosdidier • God is Present in All Our Trials
July 30 • Brian & Sylvia Dinius • The Malay World: An Unexpected Journey
Aug. 6 • Amelia Schultz • An Independent Woman’s Quest for Dependence?
Aug. 13 • Laura & Steve Cooper • His Power in Our Weakness
Aug. 20 • Joey Woestman • Is God Good?
Aug. 27 • Lew Truex • My Birth, Her Death Living Today

What Do We Know About Angels? • 10:45 am
Facilitated by Jack Rogers and John Fairweather • Room 254
This group meets year-round for a detailed study of God’s Word and vibrant prayer. This quarter we will study angels in the Bible; when, where, and why they appear in the Old and New Testaments and if they still appear today.